The AJA Energy Group

Ava, Joe, and Adiev

group photo:
ava joe adiev aajajajaimage.jpg

pictures of types of energy:

external image lightning-bolt-clipart-9c4pLrpcE.svg
external image lighting-bolt-png-4T9ErkaTE.png
external image battery-level-icon.jpg

caaaaaaaaa6 carbon electroaaaa6666666shkdfshdgihwgsfaiaa6aaaa6arbon.gif

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external image Water_Temperature_Image.png
group strengths:

Adiev: I like to keep people on task so everyone does their work. We need everyone in order so we can finish our project.
I also like things organized it makes it easier to work that way. Organization makes stuff easier to see and looks better.
Also I am good ta doing final edits so I can projects better by adding or taking away stuff. Also I strive for best grade I can
get so I like to get extra credit when needed to get my group an A.

Joe: I am good at using technology so I would be very good with computer stuff. I can help a lot with technology so we
can post and edit stuff. Also I like doing my work in an organized so I can sort stuff and grab stuff I need easier. I am
good at doing extra work to get my team better points. With better points comes better grades.

Ava: I am also very good at using technology and I like to be organized. I can also help with technology and I make
sure every one is organized so we can finish every thing in the proper order. Without someone who doesn't know how
to use technology we couldn't post stuff. Also I make sure people are doing there jobs so that there not doing the
wrong things.

Things we know about energy:

  • We need it for electricity
  • There are many types of energies
  • There are five states of matter
  • We need energy to move
  • We need energy for weapons
  • Different types of energy are stored into 2 main topics kinetic and potential
  • Energy makes change possible and makes work possible
  • Kinetic energy is in motion
  • Potential energy is stored energy
  • Copper can be used for wires
  • All mater is made of atoms
Questions we have about energy:

  • How do the fourth and fifth state of matter work?
  • How does energy that is not potential or kinetic transform?
  • How do you make energy without polluting?
  • What is the most energy exerting thing to humans?
  • Why do somethings have more conductivity then others?
  • Is there a different way to get energy for ourselves then food and water?


roller coaster challenge:

Roller Coaster Challenge AJA Energy Group