Adiev Owen O. Nolan R and Jack T's Invention Convention Page

Product Name: Ooh La La Lacrosse Balls

Product Description: It is a Lacrosse ball that is decorated with patterns and stickers

Materials: Lacrosse balls, pens, sharpies, glue, scissors and stickers

Help: We could get help from Mrs. Lowery or other teachers and our parents

Invention: We really liked the "Ooh La La Lacrosse Balls" invention. It is a lacrosse ball that is decorated with college logos or different patterns. The customer can choose the designs and create their own four pack of unique balls. We really like the invention.

We can get our materials from us. We already have lacrosse balls, sharpies pens, glue, scissors and stickers.

Prices: We can keep our prices low because we already have these items, and they are inexpensive if we need more.







  • First we decorate the lacrosse ball
  • then we test it with a lacrosse stick

Our invention is safe because it's made with 2 safe things
Team Photo:

Final Product Photo:

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3 Original Ideas & Research For each idea do the following:
  • Describe the idea
  • Include at least 3 links to sites you looked at to determine the originality of your idea
  • For each site, explain what you discovered (Include a picture if helpful)
Ex. Our first idea is to develop a bowl that young kids cannot spill easily. The first site I went to www.kidsbowls.comand found a flat, plate-like mat that sticks to the table and does not move. My idea is three-dimensional and includes a bowl. However, I like the thought of adding a mat to my bowl to make it steadier. The second site ….. The third site …….

1st Idea- Ice cream that doesn't hurt your teeth when you bite into it. The first site I went was and found this was not invented. Our idea is still keep it cold but doesn't hurt your teeth when bitten. Our second site was This site shows that this is actually a problem for some people. our third site was it tells that other people have had this experience and the reason why your teeth can be sensitive from cold things and what in the cold things hurt your teeth.

2nd Idea- A lacrosse ball that you design. The first sight went to was \ and learned invention was not quite invented yet, our idea is to design the balls with patterns. The second sight We went to was It also showed us that this is not invented yet. The way we were thinking was to design them with stickers/patterns. The third sight we went to was It showed us that our invention was kinda invented but not the way we were exactly thinking.

3rd idea- A ball finder if you miss a throw/shot/hit it will beep loud so you can find it. Our first site was
This is kind of like our idea but only tracks your golf balls. It tells how close you are to the ball. Our second site was this site tells us how the golf ball finders work and our invention was already made for golf balls, so we cant add that kind of balls to our finder. Our third site was this a site that told us about the invention and how it was made.